Thursday, July 10, 2008

what i'm wearing, the retake

if you read my blog earlier, this is the same outfit. but the graininess of the pictures drove me crazy. so i moved outside to my dad's front yard, which is REALLY overgrown. oh, and i put eyeliner on. yessss!

today i'm mostly just applying for random jobs on the west coast. i applied to be a receptionist at a design boutique (i like to think my four year BA from UVA and two years of journalism experience make me way overqualified for that, but i'll take what i can get), an online media producer, and a reporter at the los angeles bureau of a japanese newspaper (they asked that you be fluent in japanese or spanish, and thank goodness for those seven years of spanish lessons, cause i qualify!)

nation ltd shirt, aa skirt, rachel comey belt, seychelles wedges


Dennise said...

I love that skirt! The good thing about AA is that most of their stuff is so basic, so you shouldn't feel bad about owning many of the clothes.

miss a. said...

Good luck! My resume faintly echoes yours, and I end up getting a paralegal job. I hope you get the job you want! P.S. That belt is super cute.

laura said...

You look awesome!!

Totally unrelated... How goddamn adorable is steve wozniak?



allison said...

omgz i want him! well, i mostly want kathy's mom.