Friday, July 18, 2008

lucky break! (kinda...)

I've been lusting after French military-inspired label Heimstone for ages, but they are wayyy out of my price range. So today, as I was doing some online "window shopping", I saw that one of my favorite Heimstone pieces was almost 50% off at Le Train Bleu. The only size left was, miraculously, mine! So I ordered it right away.

So did I get a good deal? Considering the fact that I'm trying to save my money and I just dropped $300 on a dress...probably not.


Anonymous said...

That dress is beautiful!! Good job. I love your taste in clothes!

I am so the same way though - trying not to spend but can't resist all the sales going on.

Mila said...

Amazingly beautiful dress.
You just made me jealous...

allison said...

Thanks! I hope it fits.