Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i finally got my much-obsessed over mooka kinney romper. oh man, i wanted it so bad! i got the other one from frances may, but this one is the one i've been coveting for months.

and guess what? it's too big! but only in length. everything i buy (except from AA since their sizes are so disgustingly small) has to be tailored, and it was silly of me to assume this would be any different. soon i'm going to show you my "to-be-tailored" pile. it is at least a foot high and contains some very expensive items i purchased in a hurry (samantha pleet, beckerman, lots o' vintage). i'd get to it a lot faster if my tailor wasn't so insanely expensive (but he is very, very talented.)

anyway, i lifted and pinched it in the back to show you how it WILL look, and boy ohhh boy am i happy with the results! sorry i cut my feet off. i was wearing black patent round toe stilettos.

psst...thank you sotto. you're truly THE best!


Dennise said...

So funny. I just got the same romper and from frances may as well! You and I seem to have very similar taste, I love it! Unfortunately, I have the same tailoring problem as yourself, I am way short but am not a lucky thin size 2 like yourself :)

I just started a blog, check it out:

allison said...

i usually love being short, but it really DOES suck ass when it comes to fashion. i just bought a vintage red mexican smock dress and it's past my knees, i have to chop at least 6 inches off!

i should probably calculate the additional cost of tailoring every time i think about buying something, but i don't have that much foresight.

Dennise said...

p.s. did you hear that the mooka kinney girls broke up? I died a little inside when I read that, seeing as their clothes make me so giddy.

allison said...

YES! i know. i'm literally distraught. their sizing is really good (besides being made for tall girls), every design is darling, and their aesthetic was just SO refreshing. it was vaguely retro but still timeless, inspired by the 60s without looking costumey, affordably priced, and irresistably cute.

rachel's continuing onwards and upwards with her own label, though!

Miranda said...

that is incredibly cute!
i can't stand joanna newsome's i've never given her lyrics a chance. uh oh.

that lion video..ah. i heard it would make you cry. and when i watched it i did tear up. but i blame the dramatic music. it's whitney's fault. haha

allison said...

guuurl, you need to send me your mailing address so i can get that cute little mexican dress off my hands!

Dennise said...

What is the name of Rachel's new label?


I love MOOKA!!! I was going to do and internship with them many moons the memories.