Wednesday, July 9, 2008

some outfits.

okay, i'm finally figuring out this tripod thing. i had to use my old lens (the 35-55mm) and since the aperture isn't as big, i also had to figure out what shutter speed to slow it down to so that enough light got in without using the icky flash. but i did it! success!

since i'm so lazy i just put on all the outfits i've worn at once rather than photograph myself as i really wore them.

outfit #1: what i wore to the denali show

AA tank, AA skirt, rachey comey belt, seychelles wedges

outfit #2: trying out my granny the laziest way possible

AA tank, cut-off denim shorts, vtg granny boots

outfit #3: my new purchases!

AA tank, AA skirt (i wear too much AA), nine west heels, rebecca turbow embroidered leather necklace

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Katlin at Urple said...

Cute necklace in the last pic!