Thursday, February 28, 2008

watch the water drop from clouds, it sure rains a lot.

today i realized my ipod was gone. it's very likely i've misplaced it, but even likelier that it's been stolen. i should be upset, but i've been listening to paul simon today. again, the song. try and listen and not feel happy.

the russian futurists - paul simon

plus, i bought cool boots. the picture doesn't do them justice but they're pretty badass.

(well, okay, and i've been drinking.)

i am so on top of things.

okay, who wants to toot my horn first? that sounds a bit vulgar, but seriously. this blog is so fucking relevant.

Pad Girls! Attack of the 21st-Century Falsies

"Contour" Bras: Holding Us Up or Holding Us Back?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh boy oh boy.

i am EXHAUSTED. i knew sxsw was big but jeeeeezus. at first i thought i’d listen to every rock, pop, electronic, alternative and experimental act, but i have to admit: i got lazy. quick. the ones without soundclips on the sxsw site i eventually (read: after 20 minutes) didn’t bother with. i also passed on a few with lame-sounding names. i’m sure i skipped over a ton of lovely bands but they did it to themselves, really. convenience, people! it’s the american way.

anyway, these are the bands i liked and would want to see if i was going to sxsw. alas, texas is far, and not particularly appealing (outside of austin). i also learned, through this tedious process, that british bands have sexier pictures. that’s not always a good thing. i had a funny example but i lost it. whoops.

go here for an exhaustive list of all the bands and performers being showcased.

bands i like(d) best:

the acorn - lullaby (ft. casey mecija) // myspace
recommended if you like: the folksier side of the arcade fire...though this song is nothing like that.

akron/family - phenomena // website
riyl: psychedelic folk, the archivist

a weather - spiders, snakes // website
riyl: hushed male/female vocals, rhodes pianos

bedroom walls - no wedding cake // myspace
riyl: stars, belaire

bellafea - thornbird // myspace
riyl: des ark, liza kate
(fun fact: they're the reason ambulette changed its name from bella lea!)

black moth super rainbow - sun lips // website
***highly recommended: i've been listening to sun lips nonstop since summer and it hasn't gotten old.
riyl: caribou, psychedelic goodness

the blow - parentheses // myspace
riyl: miranda july's short stories
***highly rec'd: if you haven't heard of the blow, step out from under that rock once in awhile, wouldja? plus, they're from portland. yay!

the cansecos - raised by wolves // website
riyl: chromeo

chromeo - fancy footwork
// website
riyl: michael jackson pre-1990, dancing like it's 1999

destroyer - foam hands // myspace
riyl: the new pornographers and the solo work of its members
(painter in your pocket was my favorite song of 2006)

the dimes - delilah (no, not hey there delilah, silly!)
riyl: les savy fav

the dodos - fools // myspace
this song has been in my head nonstop for the past three days. it's posted a few posts below. everyone needs to hear it, so checkit fools.

duchess says - black flag // website
riyl: the 80s, tom cruise movies

eagle seagull - i'm sorry but i'm beginning to hate your face // myspace
riyl: arcade fire, wolf parade, modest mouse

edison glass - all our memories // website
riyl: at the drive-in, dudes with pretty voices (wait for the chorus)

fanfarlo - fire escape
// website
riyl: "everything but country". you fucker.

georgie james - need your needs // website
***highly rec'd: dc locals laura burhenn and john davis (ex-q and not u) make the catchiest pop ever. this song is one of my faves.
riyl: the beatles, laura burhenn, girl/boy vocals

ghosthustler - only me to trust // myspace
riyl: the nintendo power glove!

hello seahorse! - won't say anything // website
riyl: camera obscura

islands - i feel evil (creeping in) (live) // website
***highly rec'd: finally new islands! they're such a fun band to see live since they're all so cute and multicultural.
riyl: the unicorns...was that too easy?

the kills - u.r.a. fever // website
riyl: this one reminds me of garbage, except if i actually liked them.

land of talk - speak to me bones // myspace
riyl: pj harvey, pinback, ambulette

jens lekman - the opposite of hallelujah // website
***highly rec'd: he’s probably the most adorable thing ever. his songwriting skills are superb. and the man knows how to make a damn good mix. every boy and girl i know that knows (of) jens is totes crushing.
riyl: poignant lyrics, sweden

lymbyc systym - fall bicycle // website
riyl: the letter y, post-rock

minipop - like i do
// website
riyl: emily haines, lady voices (y'know, just in general)

mom - skipping stones // myspace
riyl: babbling brooks, pretty instrumentals

mystery palace - stepchild // website
riyl: understated vocals, blips and bleeps

nancy - doe sangue // myspace
riyl: st. vincent

nik freitas - sun down // website
riyl: jon brion, a little bit o’ cheese

pig out - disco bag (radio edit)
// myspace
riyl: architecture in helsinki, lcd soundsystem

pterodactyl - esses // website
riyl: papercuts, panda bear, the alphabet

the russian futurists - let's get ready to crumble // website
***highly rec'd: the russian futurists are one of my FAVORITES. download this song. you won't regret it. i used to just drive around listening to paul simon (the song) on repeat.

riyl: panda bear, peter gabriel

say hi - northwestern girls // website
riyl: dirty liberals (like me!)

simian mobile disco - hustler
// website
***higly rec'd: their stuff is amazing. the video is sexy but objectifies women. actually, both videos for it do.

solid gold - bible thumper // myspace

spiral beach - made of stone
// website
riyl: land of talk, surf guitar, leopard print

the subjects - the hounds of war // website
riyl: adolescent uncertainty (uh...that's not a band. just so you know.)

torngat - you could be // website
riyl: trumpets, quirky instrumental pop (a la jon brion)

vampire weekend - cape cod kwassa kwassa
// website
***highly recommended: if only this song. it's great.
riyl: paul simon, pitchfork

the western civilization - love struck angel
// myspace
riyl: camera obscura...a lot.

white hinterland - dreaming of the plum trees // website
riyl: m.ward, regina spektor, charlie brown

woodhands - i wasn't made for fighting // myspace
riyl: the rapture, nerdy white guys


yellow fever - hellfire // myspace
riyl: stereolab, the velvet underground

whew. that was a long one. but i have to add: this lady wins best press photo, hands down.


victoria’s secret is that her lingerie is overpriced and underwhelming.

i very strongly dislike victoria’s secret. for one, they don’t sell maternity wear. not that they must, but a friend of mine who used to work for the store recalls a colleague condescendingly directing a woman to sears when she asked if they stocked nursing bras. it’s as if once you become a mom you’re relegated to the world of granny panties and mom jeans (remember: you’re not a woman anymore, you’re a mom!) my friend was also reprimanded for calling nipple covers “pasties” instead of “petals” in front of a customer. seriously.

but the main reason for my distaste is that they don’t cater to those who have small chests and are proud of it. almost every smaller size bra (as in, under a c-cup) is poorly padded to its core. who wants to parade around looking unnatural all the time (not to mention lying to the world)? it’s fine for special occasions but geez, talk about pushing a one-size-fits-all standard of beauty on women. so-called “flat” girls are not necessarily ashamed to be that way.

unfortunately, people seem to see VS as the clear channel of lingerie. yes, there are cute alternatives, and these venture beyond target, department stores and agent provocateur. as much as i love the latter, i just can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on half a bra.

so! it was with great pleasure that i recently discovered eberjey, and now i don’t really feel the need to shop anywhere else. they sell adorable bras and bralettes for affordable prices. they also stock cute matching underwear (ugh...i can’t say the p-word in seriousness) and pajamas/nightgowns/whatever you want to call your sleepytime clothes. they even sell maternity wear. hurrah!

(er, i’m not having kids anytime soon. i just really love the idea of embracing hot mommies.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the best time-waster ever.

soon to come!: a bigass list of sxsw performers that i find compelling* (with sound!)

(*yes, i have too much free time on my hands. the pleasures of being unemployed.)

Monday, February 25, 2008

happiness is...

a catchy-ass song. Here are two.

the dodos - fools

belaire - step step step

going back on my word....

sometimes i say things forcefully and later embarrassingly have to retrace my steps and pretend the initial sentiment wasn't quite as strong as i first let on. so this is happening again with the cw's latest drama about overprivileged teens, gossip girl. i wrote it off completely at first, with its ridiculous dialogue and overdramatic storylines, but after watching the show a few times, i managed to find one redeeming quality: the real clothing line lorick, which is used on the show as character eleanor waldorf's clothing label. the clothes are pretty and feminine and way out of my price range. i doubt i'll watch the show unless i'm bored to tears, but at least it's not all bad.

also, i know i said i wouldn't post about hot chip, but their newest is so good it's making it hard to ignore. this song is particularly lovely:

hot chip - we're looking for a lot of love

Sunday, February 24, 2008

a divisive issue...

i might be crazy, but i like 'em.

Friday, February 22, 2008

these are a few of my (current) favorite things...

crystal castles (myspace)

this 2-piece band from toronto makes perfect (drunken) dance party music with 8-bit synths and an atari 5200 sound chip. they also make fantastic remixes. according to wikipedia, their music has been described as “innovative but pretty boring and pretentious”. ha!

crystal castles - good time

ivana xl (myspace)

ivana xl’s simple songs are some of the best i’ve heard. i don’t know how i discovered her, but i’m glad i did. her voice is sultry and her lyrics blend sarcasm with the type of heartbreaking honesty everyone can relate to. too bad she only plays in brooklyn (for now!). also, youaintnopicasso is totally crushing on her.

ivana xl - ghosts

mirah and spectratone international (myspace 1) // (myspace 2)

i’ve always liked mirah, but this cd is genius. it’s about insects and is a lot more gypsy-influenced than her other stuff. i’ve never thought of this painfully obvious comparison before, but she’s like a more accessible joanna newsom.

mirah and spectratone international - gestation of the sacred beetle

honorable musical mentions: yann tiersen, belaire, robotnicka, laura burhenn, ghostland observatory, jon brion. (i tried to avoid the obvious: hot chip, animal collective, and now vampire weekend - thanks pitchfork!)

rebecca turbow

i’ve coveted her designs for a long time, and she’s just recently started putting most of them in her online shop. rebecca just appeared in a new york magazine story about new yorkers who only wear one color. for eight years she wore turquoise (and white), but now she’s moved on to gray.

mooka kinney - (website)

i love these girls. i have no idea if jumpers will stay “in”, but thank god that there’s someone out there making clothes that fulfill my desire to forever dress like a little girl (and not in that weird schoolgirl-fetish way.)

portland, oregon (and stumptown coffee!)

i just visited my friend alex for a week to scope the place out, and i’m planning a relocation as soon as possible. it’s gorgeous, the coffee’s great, the pbr flows like water, and the hipster-watching is fantastic. plus, i've finally found a place in the states that's as liberal as i am.

tobias wong

tobias wong is an interesting artist. his latest piece is the “killer engagement ring” with the diamond pointing outwards. not that it’s meant for practicality, but i know i’d accidentally stab myself in the eye if i dared to wear it. this, on the other hand, is something i want in my apartment. sometimes i think my taste for clean minimalism veers toward patrick bateman’s place in american psycho. oh, wong’s also the one who invented the golden pills that promise to make your shit sparkle. lovely! and lastly...

french bulldogs

always. no explanation needed.


for someone so in love with internet culture, i've put off having a blog because it seems so overdone. what on earth do i have to say that someone else hasn't said a million times over? but now that i'm a college graduate and trying to establish some kind of web presence for myself, i figured it's about damn time.

i'm not really sure what kind of content i'll put on this, or even if it'll garner any readers, but it's worth a shot.

i guess i'll start with a joke:

what was beethoven's favorite fruit?
ba-NA-NA-NAsssss (i guess it doesn't work online)