Thursday, July 10, 2008

stay classy, faux news!

ohhh my god. liberal rant coming. NOW.

my dad loves to watch fox news. he's super liberal but watches it to "keep an eye on the enemy" as well as to have a good laugh. it's no secret that fox news regularly practices shoddy tactics.

some highlights:

-showing live footage of the exposed, bloody face of model ruslana korshunova, who died after jumping out of her new york city apartment building, for SEVERAL MINUTES...that one was thanks to geraldo!
-bill o'reilly's report on an "angry lesbian gang trend" which is actually just an outdated internet urban legend.
-the recent photoshop hack job they did on two new york times reporters.
-their interpretation of obama and michelle's "fist bump" as a "possible terrorist symbol" (?! haha, they're so white. have they seen ANY form of black culture in the past 20 years? or, um, white culture, for that matter?)
-calling obama's WIFE his "baby mama". are you fucking kidding me? would that fly in any other context? people unfamiliar with baby mama as a pejorative term should know that it generally refers to a man's "woman", who he is not married to and has several kids with. i'm just going to refer to cindy mccain as "mccain's mistress" from now on. but only because of the alliteration, y'all!

anyway, most recently, not some shoddy news practice (though those are regular), but just an example of such embarrassing american arrogance. it truly makes me ashamed to think that i share a country with such idiots. and even worse, idiots with a following! here's what went down:

on hannity and combs, that embarrassment of a show where super-testosterone-fueled conservative hannity makes wimpy-moderate-posing-as-liberal combs look stupid, they were discussing obama's statement about how americans should learn other languages. (oh my god, how controversial! isn't multiculturalism a part of primary education these days?)

they actually argued with this suggestion as if it made him less of a patriot to say we could learn a thing or two about other cultures. it's not as though he was saying "let's make america a bilingual country, under my presidency all establishments will have to conduct business in english AND spanish!" (can you imagine the outrage? actually, it'd probably just be good for business. can't you republicans see an opportunity when it hits you in the face?) they said that english is really all you need to know (one old fogey republican contributor prided himself on going around the world only speaking english and doing just fiiiine!) and that it was just anti-americanism to suggest otherwise.

am i living in a parallel universe? even in mainstream society, less radically progressive than myself or any other evil secular liberal person/news outlet, does anyone argue with the notion that we live in a global society where economic and social events happen across national and lingual boundaries? if we want to "fight terrorism", whatever that means, is it really such a bad suggestion that we understand the so-called enemy? i thought people who spoke arabic were in high demand to work in middle eastern affairs. so...why is it suddenly unpatriotic that regular americans might want to learn another language? and it doesn't have to be spanish. it could be maori for all i care. why is it so wrong to learn one of the 7000 other languages in the world? there are plenty of bilingual cities, i lived in one (valencia, spain.) there was a bit of a social rift between those who spoke valenciano vs. spanish, and in the entire country of spain, speaking catalan is a sign of regional pride (some people go so far as to want the region, which includes barcelona, to secede from the country.) still, i don't think anyone suggests that valencianos/spaniards/citizens of any country where people are multilingual love their country any less. conclusion...what the fuck? these people are idiots.

but in happier news, obama has a 30-point lead on the traditionally-conservative hispanic vote. ha!


Katlin at Urple said...

This is my first time to your blog and I like you already! :) I don't watch the news channels (just local news) so I don't know much about what goes on there. But I do know that there are so many people out there that have such closed minds about the rest of the world and people that don't think or look like them. Sometimes it makes me sad/mad that I'm American because of the way we treat people, past and present. Hopefully Obama will bring some much needed positive CHANGE!

Katlin at Urple said...

Oh, and check out my blog! Along with fashion, another interest of mine is minority/race issues. Look under my Racy Issues labels for those specific posts.

Dennise said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

allison said...

thanks, katlin! i agree completely.

and i'm checking out your blog...NOW!