Friday, July 11, 2008

coulda woulda shoulda

this isn't what i wore today, but what i'd wear if it wasn't so disgustingly hot. i broke a sweat the minute i stepped outside.

{dress: topshop. belt: rachel comey. shoes: jessica simpson.}

sorry the blog's been a lately. i don't want to overload you with outfit posts or political ramblings, but my new medicine gives me so much to think about and so much motivation, ha! i sent my friend's mom a 5-paragraph essay about politics. she's a bit of a news junkie, and even she had to stop half-way and finish it later. oops.

next week i'll get back into the groove, talking about up-and-coming designers and posting new music.



That outfit is the most. I love the belt and the shoes are icing on the cake:)


kirstie said...

that belt is amazing!