Tuesday, July 1, 2008

oh thank god.

During that whole Texas FLDS ordeal, I know what you were thinking: "fuck the sake of the kids, WHERE CAN I GET THEIR DRESSES?" Yeah, yeah, 14-year-olds being forced to marry 50-year-old men, yawn. All I cared about were the streetstyle photos of their amazing fashion sense. Hello, thesartorialist!

Now you too can look like one of the child wives that their mothers so gladly married off! FLDS Dress sells all their latest outfits, like this season's hot "teen jacket dress"! I can't wait for their upcoming child bride collection, designed only for girls 14 and under!

And who said mainstream religion wasn't a business? Hurrah!

(if you can't detect my sarcasm...well, I can't help you.)

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