Sunday, July 20, 2008


i want a leather moto jacket so bad. i'm smitten with the way lulu and other fashion bloggers wear theirs. mike & chris make the most buttery soft and chic leather jackets, and i'll get one as soon as i have, oh, $1000 laying around. in the meantime, i'm scoping out zara, h&m, f21 and topshop obsessively for a cheap knock-off. keep your eyes peeled!

buy this one at singer22.


Tavi said...

I've been lusting over one SO bad but it's hard finding one that fits :/

Anonymous said...

Zomg I know! I really need one too, so let us know when and where you find it!

allison said...

I know H&M has a faux leather bomber right now, but it made me look like a marshmallow.

Dennise said...

I just purchased one from bona drag, it's cropped but it has all the elements of a perfect leather moto jacket.

Also, I found a leather bomber on etsy that I'm quite fond of.