Monday, July 14, 2008


So Lindsay Lohan's leggings are finally on And they are dreadful.

Leopard print, side zippers (alright, they were cute when LnA did them) and knee pads are some of the styles you can purchase for about $100 a pop.

The ones with knee pads are called Mr. President, in reference to Marilyn Monroe. Knee pads? Is it more sexist of me to assume there are ridiculously sexual overtones to these or more degrading towards women to design such a pair?

I don't know, it just makes me feel gross. I guess it's supposed to be cheeky, but it reminds me of ultimate female subservience: not reciprocal sex, just female submission.

Perhaps I'm just uptight, or maybe my mind is excessively dirty. I'm sure if Yohji Yamamoto or any other "form over function" type of designer had made these, I wouldn't be so offended. But Lohan's not necessarily revered as the classiest or most avant garde person.

What do you think?


Dennise said...

Awful. Lindsay Lohan is in such a sad state right now, I feel for her. She has tried everything to grace the public eye in a positive note but it has all been in naught. That nude Marilyn Monroe pose was her attempt at avant garde but unfortunately it failed and made her look like a sad neglected girl looking for attention. She has been bit in the ass by what made her a star in the first place: the media.

Katlin at URPLE said...

There is nothing special about them. And in general, I'm not a legging person, so I never really like leggings anyway. And does that mannequin have a camel toe? Haha. :X