Thursday, July 17, 2008

current love

{the tulip dress // 1953}

{the circle vest // 1963}

{the monarch // 1967}

other bloggers have been buzzing (maybe because the label was featured in this month's nylon?) about denim label current/elliott, and for good reason.

the label is designed by best friends emily current and meritt elliott, who also sell clothes under the name "maude". every piece they design has a historical reference down to a specific year which is indicated by the style names (the 1968 is a skinny jean, the 1971 a bell bottom) and the denim is produced domestically in los angeles.

right now, the only way to find retail info is to email, but i'm dying to get my hands on one of these pieces. well-tailored, vintage-inspired denim is pretty much every fashionista's wet dream.

see more here.

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