Thursday, July 31, 2008

painfully hip.

Does anyone here suffer for fashion? I know I do. Do you think it looks silly or chic to walk around in heels all day long while doing totally mundane things?

I know a lot of the more glamorous fashion bloggers (Rumi, Lulu, et al) wear heels like it's their job (actually, it sort of is.) Whenever I wear heels all day, I feel a little silly. But I also feel kinda badass. Because people don't know that my sole mission today was to pick up my Adderall XR from Target. For all they know, I'll be heading out to a soiree after that! Because Virginia is hopping.

Though, more realistically, people probably assume I'm off to work at the nearest street corner.

(shoes from Nine West. For the record, they look great on but hurt like a bitch. I wore them to a doctor's appointment this morning and he immediately asked if I had come to the right place!)

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