Tuesday, July 8, 2008

caught up!

sorry everyone about my lack of posting. i've been basically sleeping all day and in my waking hours, have either been running errands or reading everything i can about the media debacle involving jezebel.

confused? if you care, you can read about it here and here.

as someone who is just getting into feminism at 22, i'm pretty late to the game. i've always been progressive, always identified with the belief that men and women deserve equal rights, and always have engaged in a love-hate relationship with the media, but i never gave thought to the feminist movement as it exists today or in an historical context.

i won't blather on about what happened because everything has been said two or three times over, but the whole thing made me really sad. sad for tracie a.k.a. slut machine because her beliefs about rape are obviously very immature and her ethos seems to be one of pure self-involvement. but more so, i felt heartbroken for moe. the way she talked about being date raped, recalling saying no eleven times, but at the same time dismissing its importance made it clear the girl is struggling with some issues.

anyway, that's what i've been up to. how about you all?

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Dennise said...

Thanks for bringing this up. What a disaster!