Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bad blogger

sorry y'all, but i have a family emergency and posting will be pretty minimalist in the next few days. i have lots of good things in store for when i come back, so bear with me!


Monday, April 21, 2008

pretty trashy

impromptu photo shoot for a dreary sunday. here are some of my favorites:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

flash dance

the end of an era

even though i finished college in december, i haven't graduated yet. my ceremony is next month and it just hit me that i should probably use this excuse to get a fancy new dress. i'm semi-broke til may 5, so i can't get anything yet. these are some i've been eyeing:

(the first one is not for graduation, but it's so mom-jeans-y that i want it desperately)

hmmm, the search continues...

Friday, April 18, 2008

one more song! one more song!

the new my brightest diamond track is AMAZING. if you haven't heard of shara worden/my brightest diamond, she is an opera-trained soprano vocalist who used to sing backup for sufjan stevens. i can't imagine how she managed to not overpower him, because shara has an absolutely phenomenal voice.

her last cd, bring me the workhorse, had some great tracks, but occasionally the blend of soaring vocals + rock felt a bit stilted. if this first song is indicative of the rest of her next album, she's managed to find the perfect balance between the two.

my brightest diamond - inside a boy

[EDIT: hmm...the track isn't working for me right now, and probably not you, either. but i'll fix it soon! i'm just tooooo tired right now.]

oh dear.

today susie bubble blogged about photographing kids at the skins auditions (from my very limited knowledge, it seems like some kind of sexy/trashy british teen drama) and there were some terrific outfits shown. she guessed the average age was 16 or 17, and if so, my oh my do us americans have to shape up. are british teens really all THIS stylish? i realize there is an obvious selection bias, but never in my life have i seen so many fashionable youngsters! i imagine if there was a similar american audition, the assortment of outfits would never be this impressive.

que guay

i love ebay store snowhite vintage of spain. actually, i want almost everything they're selling. those leggings? totally bai ling in dumplings.

i bought this scarf:

i'd love to buy these vintage 1970s balenciaga sunglasses (are they real?) or this pink pencil skirt. if only.

indie pop goodness

i'm a little late to the game, but i just got into sea wolf, the one man band who crafts supreme indie pop gems. i ignored him for awhile because there are too many damn wolf bands, but i heard this song on the (indie) radio today and i can't get enough of it. the imagery is superb and sometimes his vibe reminds me of ambulance ltd, interpol and jon brion. other times he sounds like the arcade fire. go figure.

sea wolf - black dirt

if ella went to the caribbean....

today's posts are about songs that make me happy. i was driving along (across the state of virginia, as per usual) and i heard "lullaby" by the cure. it made my day infinitely better. hopefully this song by koop does the same for you.

the mix of calypso rhythm with melodica (an underappreciated instrument!), some kind of woodwinds, an old jazz sound and ane brun's gorgeous, wavering vocals is perfection. i'm sitting in panera, using their free wifi while listening to this song on repeat, and despite the occasional faint order call (so annoying, what do people do without headphones?), i feel like i'm in paradise.

koop - koop island blues (ft. ane brun)

happy happy joy joy

today is gooorgeous (if a tad hot) and this song by no kids is a perfect complement. be happy -- it's spring! finally!

no kids - for halloween

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

etsy obsessed

how fantastic are these letterpress pieces from seller 12fifteen? i have no need for notecards (or coasters, or even wall art for that matter) but suddenly i wish i did.

for cynthia

i guess it's the result of me getting a new camera, but i've been really into photographic prints lately. whenever i'm feeling a bit uninspired with my picture taking, i just browse etsy for great photographs and it motivates me to hone my skills.

buttons magee's prints are soft, dreamy, and extremely affordable. i just bought three prints from her, and i want to hang them in my kitchen someday.

{via unruly things, written by another amazing photographer}

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cause for a wedding

i've never been the type to fantasize about my wedding day. to be honest, spending all that money on one little day is awfully impractical, not to mention the fact that it sets up some pretty unrealistic expectations. but this wedding dress is truly divine. if it's still in production by the time of my hypothetical wedding (unlikely), i'd spend an inordinate amount of money on it.

{via soon lee}

Monday, April 14, 2008

it's a small world after all...

there is so much overlap in the blogosphere, whether it's with music (two of my favorite blogs posted the same no age song today), fashion (karen walker and jesse kamm are everywhere, as is alyson fox) or design. i finally succumbed to the hype and bought a "keep calm and carry on" poster (which is a reproduction of a british WW2 original), after seeing it for the hundredth time and letting its charm seep into my conscience.

this polaroid heart, from april's cookie magazine, is everywhere as well. it's usually the simplest ideas that spread the fastest.

this poster is the latest internet fad, even gracing the cover of domino. i love the design and the cheekiness of the saying.

it's all over.

"In Bed With 'Runway': A Lifetime Story"

the case for cut-offs

camille of childhood flames never ceases to amaze me with her effortless fashion. look how fantastic she looks in denim cut-offs! though it does help that her legs are about a mile long.

love love love

these t-shirts from 410 bc (for guys and gals) are darling. okay, so they teeter on the verge of hipster/scenester/hiptard, but in a good way. i have the lawn guyland one, since my momma's from there (and, well, i like the design). i want the teeth next!

most impressions fade

...but you're still standing, there is no landing for now.

i am oh-so-excited about the denali reunion show in richmond this summer. i first heard the richmond natives in 2003 and ever since, they've been my favorite band. no female vocalist can touch maura davis.

denali - normal days

Saturday, April 12, 2008

vicarious consumption, part two

i am broke again until may, so beyond buying the lens of my dreams and some semi-tacky denim cut-offs, i'm not spending any money. still, that doesn't mean i can't look for my friends and readers! here's my roundup of ebay items currently being auctioned to look out for.

blue high-waisted fern skirt, size XS/S, at mama stone vintage. current bid: $41.00

pleated suspender minidress, size XS, at indie cult vintage. current bid: $14.80

black suede pencil skirt, size 7 (maybe?) at voyou vintage. buy it now price: $7.99

vintage girl scout uniform, size XS at kingston avenue vintage. current bid: $10.50

abstract print bustier dress, size XS at nasty gal vintage. current bid: $81.00

purple flat knee-high boots, size 9 at bittersweet styles. current bid: $13.50

marc jacobs charcoal and pink blazer, size S at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $81.00

red mini trench with black faux fur, size XS at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $52.00

60s red floral top, size M at spanish moss vintage. current bid: $21.50

yay for vintage!

today swampy, cloudy, muggy, hot, rainy,

and lovely.