Saturday, July 26, 2008

new dress!

I got this Society for Rational Dress in the mail a few days ago, but hadn't put it on for fear I'd be swimming in it (I had to size up, my size was out of stock and I'm already stubby in many XS's because I'm not even five feet tall.) But actually, I lucked out and it fits perfectly. There's a bit of a gap where my boobs should be, but I don't have any! So I think I'll shorten the straps an inch and be done with it. The dress looks so classic: I feel like a modern day Holly Golightly (without the charm, of course, though I do have a scrappy orange cat!)

I ordered it from buydefinition, and, I swear I don't work for them, but I highly recommend the shop for its amaaazing customer service. The lovely shopgirl emailed me the day the dress arrived, went out of her way to get an XS and offered a completely free exchange in case the S didn't fit. This is why I love online boutiques.

p.s. I finally wore a romper out in public and it felt almost shameful at first. I initially wasn't even going to go outside in it because it felt so provocative!, even though I was more covered than if I was wearing shorts and a tank top. What is it about one-pieces that feel a bit naughty? Just as I was about to change, my dad told me I looked nice and that gave me enough courage to wear it out. Thanks, Dad!

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KATLIN said...

I love wearing rompers! Maybe they feel provocative because they can be tight and it's catsuit like... I dunno. So I try to make mine unslutty as possible! Haha. And I could never tell that you were under five feet from your pics! I'm under five feet also. Yeay for shorties! :)