Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yes we can?

YES WE MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMN DID. And it was all because of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and my very own home state of VIRGINIA!


What is this newfound feeling? Oh...I think it's what's been referred to as "patriotism".

(As someone who was viewing the election with a black family who had not-so-distant memories of segregation and kept a "Coloreds' Waiting Room" sign as a relic of the past, I can assure you that I sobbed like a little baby-bitch when they announced it.)


chelsea said...


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! yes! i got home at around 1.30 in the afternoon, australian time and turned on the television cause i'd been freaking out the whole day about not being able to watch it and he had JSUT started his speech and i wept like a baby. and i'm fucking australian. gosh, its so great!

allison said...

Not gloating is the hardest part! I want to say "IN YOUR FACE" to the few Republicans I know. But I won't, because I don't think that's what Obama wants, and today is HIS day.


Anonymous said...

My coworker ranted on and on yesterday about normalcy and how it is the social fabric of our society. He said we accept people who are normal and reject those who aren't. That's just the way this are.
Our 44th president of the United States of America is named Barack Hussein Obama. Nothing "normal" by all measures. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!