Thursday, November 13, 2008

more on mike&chris...

From Racked,

"We've just got some breaking news across the wire about Mike & Chris, the Cali label that didn't show up for their NYC sample sale this morning, and it isn't good. Rumors fly that the company is going belly up. And while we reached a sales director who denied this claim, a Racked source says some employees at the company haven't been paid.

"No one is picking up at the brand's New York showroom, but the sales director we spoke with at their California showroom assured us that the company isn't folding. Instead, she says that the company is "restructuring." Ominously, all contact information has been removed from the Mike & Chris site. If anyone from Mike & Chris corporate would like to issue a statement, our tipline is open."

But Mike & Chris sent them this:

"The allegations made in your posting are absolutely, 100% not true. Mike & Chris is very much still in business, now and moving forward. The sample sale was canceled due to a very unfortunate error in shipping and will be rescheduled within the next 4-6 weeks. They are incredibly sorry about any inconveniences by those who went to the sale. The statement about Mike & Chris employees not being paid is absolutely incorrect, all employees have been paid. Your 'source' is gravely mistaken in reporting that."
So which is it? OMGZ, fashion drama!

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JON said...

not going out of business, they were just taken over by another company.
press release coming this week! :)

allison said...

Thanks for the info!