Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've been applying for lots of jobs lately, and for the more tech-savvy ones, I send a pdf version of my resume. But for the ones that don't seem as web-proficient, I've heard that it's safest to send a word document. So, in an effort to condense my resume into a single page in .doc format (not so easy on my mac, I only have the ability to export my .pages files), I cut a line out of my resume. But I only cut out HALF of the line.

The jobs I'm applying for? PROOFREADING. Good god. I am mortified. I emailed all the jobs apologizing profusely and sending along my correct version, and hopefully they'll find it indicative of how adorable I am rather than inept.

But still, I can't believe I did that. JEEBUS.

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KATLIN said...

Oh no! Hahaa. Send in a picture of you in your Halloween costume and they'll surely hire you! :)