Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Jean-Pierre Jeunet is one of my favorite directors. He's best known for "Amelie", but everything he does is wonderful. He's got this ability to personalize each character in the quirkiest of ways without it seeming like a typical cliched indie film. (You know, like "Eagle vs. Shark", "Dummy", "Year of the Dog", or any other movie where two quirky people who never expected to find love find it. I think "Punch-Drunk Love" started it.)

While I think "A Very Long Engagement" is his most moving film, his very first movie, "Delicatessen", never fails to make me smile. See evidence below:

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KATLIN said...

Oooh, never seen those other movies with him in it! I love the little sound effects he makes and his facial expressions in Amelie... I'll have to check these movies out! And yeay for cellos! I used to play in middle/high school and was horrible, but I love the sound of it!