Friday, November 21, 2008

the feel good post.

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These blog posts, pictures and links have lifted my spirits in the past week.

"How to Crawl Out of a Hole" {via A Cup of Jo}

"How Are You Guys Feeling Today? And Here's a Happiness Trick...." {via Smitten}

{via unicornology}

The bartering-with-a-spider-drawing-to-pay-your-bills technique. UPDATE: Man sells spider drawing for $10,000 on eBay! (At least somebody has $10,000 lying around.)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "The Nightman Cometh" {via Jezebel}

{Obama joins Chromeo, via hipster runoff}

This beautiful photoshoot of Vain and Vapid's Winter 08/09 collection, shot and styled by Alyson Graves.

This Flickr group.

{illustration by quentin blake, of roald dahl fame, via unicornology}

Act One of This American Life #61: "Opening Night"

SNL Digital Short: "Natalie Raps"

{via booooooom}

Cat Rides a Roomba {via The Daily What}

Obama Wins Prague
...and Pittsburgh {via Countdown to Victory}

{via unicornology}

You know that streaming shiba inu puppy cam? This is like that, but not as cute.

Kitty chases leash around toilet. (Exactly how it sounds.) {via The Daily What}

{via it starts here}

Tim Steer's photographs.

Real live Photoshop.

And lastly, this:

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KATLIN said...

The smiling thing always works for me... especially if I smile at a stranger that looks sad and they smile back.