Tuesday, November 25, 2008

devotte boots.

For the person who asked, these are the boots that I'm selling. They're a size 6, never been worn, purchased from the lovely Sotto Boutique. I adore them, but I'm broke and they've just been sitting in my closet. I'm hoping I can find them a new home!

This is the description (again, from Sotto):

The Crushed boot is exactly what we need: a touch of antiquated severity to counter all that is femme, something that we can walk and romp in to our hearts’ delight (images of jumping into mountains of fallen autumn leaves comes to mind), something that will weather beautifully with time. I am convinced: as crushworthy as they come, these Devotte lace up boots are undeniably chic laced up or as they are nonchalantly folded down. NOTES: 100% leather. 1 inch heel.

Does anyone know how best to go about it? They were originally priced at $450, and while I understand that most things depreciate in value once pre-owned, I'd still like to make a chunk o'change off of them, especially since they are in perfect condition. I'm afraid if I list them on eBay, they'll sell for $9.99.

Thanks everyone!

{image via Sotto}


Fashion Is Poison said...

these boots are really great. hmm if you end up listing them on eBay...my rec is to do some searches for brown vintage laceup boots to see what other key words other sellers use that will more than likely help you get more interest from people. but for the most part i think brown soft leather vintage laceup granny boots should work...

THEBYBLE said...

Hi do you still sell this boots ?? Please mail me.