Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Refinery29's blog, The Pipeline, just posted about one of my favorite movies, Jean-Luc Godard's Week End. I like it mostly for its social commentary, but it's also a very stylish movie. Here's their description of it:

"A satirical look at cultural revolution that begins as leisurely road trip and ends in traffic jams and cannibalism...Sensing a sea change in politics, society and racism, Godard comments on bourgeois indulgences by blending music, violence, and brightly colored ensembles in '60s pop stylings...Colored suede slouch boots, yellow scarves worn with turquoise sweaters, red thigh-hi tights or green knee-hi socks, skintight corduroy, blankets as cloaks, sweaters as caplets, men's shirts as mini-dresses, random pins, gold cuffs, and an impressive array of headwear make up the colorfully bizarre mishmash of stolen garments for the Front's revolutionary uniforms."

Read the rest here.

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