Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Have you ever seen something that caught your eye but not enough to purchase, then months later, you went back to it only to be smitten? That's kind of how I've felt with past boyfriends.

Anyway, these studded ballet slippers from Bona Drag have always been cute, but since realizing I wanted a pair of wholly impractical dance attire, I went back to them and suddenly had a "THESE ARE AMAZING!" type of reaction.

People who say advertising doesn't work have obviously never met me. As long as you drill something into my head long enough, I'll eventually come around. Case in point: six months ago, I had ZERO interest in studs.

...Now, I'm at a sorry point where I went into Hot Topic the other day and was actually wowed by their stuff (they put studs on EVERYTHING!).


clarafier said...

ugh. i saw pics of the louboutin studded strappy heels yesterday and i wanted them in a bad way. i need to commission all the squatter punk kids from my high school to start making me shoes.

ps. i'm at work right now and people are discussing abortion and i literally feel physically sick. like heart palpitations.

Brandi said...

I know that feeling.

allison said...

Clara, when that kind of thing happens to me, I usually say "Do you think there would be any question over abortion's legality if men were the ones to get pregnant?"

So far I've only done that once and the girl completely agreed with me, and she was already only semi-conservative. Maybe if they disagree you can at least change the subject into a big man-hatin' fest.

allison said...

You also might want to bring up the fact that 99% of late term abortions are performed due to fatal illness (for the mother or child) that can only be detected in the last trimester. Ask them how they'd feel if the choice was between that whole abortion thang or giving birth to a paralyzed baby that would require a catheter for the duration of its life and most likely wouldn't live to see his or her third birthday.

That's the alternative that people who've had late term abortions were most likely faced with.

clarafier said...

the girl discussing it is super catholic, made a gay joke in the middle of a meeting (fortunately it was met with silence and dropped jaws), and actually said "i think i'm right about everything, and it would just be easier if you agreed with me" (not an ounce of sarcasm). little hitlerette is probably not going to be swayed by statistics.

she also dyes her hair a disgusting shade of black and curls her bangs. i have SO MANY REASONS TO HATE!

allison said...

Oh Clara, the point isn't to visibly sway her, you see. It's to make her look like a giant asshole!

allison said...

Or you could show her THIS (I have so much ammo):

I read a story about a woman--a Catholic woman, incidentally--whose very wanted child had anencephaly--it had no brain. At all. They decided to induce the pregnancy early--essentially an abortion, except with a live birth--and in the middle of the birth, they discovered the the umbilical cord was too short, and had to cut it while the child was still in utero, thus effectively "killing" the child (although, since it had no brain, was it ever alive in ANY sense?). That procedure technically amounts to a "partial birth abortion," and her priest ratted her out to anti-choicers in the congregation. That story has haunted me ever since, and makes me despise partial-birth abortion laws.

clarafier said...

ugh, i just choose not to get into it with her. but it's getting to the point where i want to complain to my boss, it just seems totally inappropriate to discuss at work!