Thursday, August 7, 2008

i'm not allison!

{via the 405}

Is it just me, or does this pic of the band Shearwater give anyone else out there the feeling of pure, creepy bliss? I know I have seen it somewhere else before...was it just a nightmare?

Oh, and hello there! I'm Brandi, and I'll be taking over some of Allison's duties for a bit while she is off somewhere frolicking with her new kitten, silly-heart that she is. But seriously, we totally <3 you, Ally!


Dennise said...

Wow, I never thought creepy blissfulness would be evoked in me, but it totally has! :)

Hello Brandy!

Brandi said...

Heya! Thanks for saying hi..I'm feeling kinda like the new kid around these parts.

*looks up from hunkering awkwardly in the corner with hands in her tunic dress pockets* :)

allison said...

Yay Brandi!

Kitty says "mrrrrowwwwww."


Brandi said...

hey kitten, what's up?? LOL :)