Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm stupid.

You know those PVC leggings that were popular a longass time ago? (In the fashion world, that equals about two months.) Do people still wear them? I'm so out of touch.

I remember ages ago (a year?) when they appeared in high fashion, and then Susie toyed with the idea of them. We all thought she was so CRAZY! And then came saturation. American Apparel, fashion bloggers, all kinds of celebs, even some regular ole people (though I had never seen them worn in person.)

And now me. I just bought some. Not the cheapie American Apparel kind, but the expensive Kova & T Oxy version. Why? (No seriously. WHY?)

Remember that trend wheel that broke people up into certain types? It wasn't so much a wheel as a graph. There were the early adopters and...some other types...that would eventually give in at various speeds to the latest technological trend (cell phones, ipods, etc.) At the back of the line were the laggards. That was my dad a few years ago, when he still used VHS. And now? That laggard is me.

I don't know what I think about them. I guess they'd be good if I ever dress up as Cat Woman or Stella from Project Runway (you know, the one who LOVES LEATHUHHHHH.) I wouldn't wear this shirt with them, obvi! I just put them on (and took them off) quickly, so my dad wouldn't see me and assume I had finally found some kind of BDSM job.

Any thoughts?


KATLIN said...

I personally have never been into the whole leggings thing. I find it uncomfortable (also because it's 80 degrees all the time here) and don't like how it shows off the pelvic region. Haha. But, they do look damn good on you!

Oh, and to hell with the trend wheel and what's in/out lists, wear what you want!!!! :)

Tali said...

I love them! Check out the way rumi form fashion toast wears them.

Personaly, I would wear them with a loose sheer black tank or a white tee, or a plaid shirt, orr a grey triblend AA shirt with a blzer on top.

btw I love that your blog is about more than your life and/or fashion! Real life events, it needs to be more popular.