Monday, August 18, 2008

dum dum da dum....

Speaking of weddings, I'm going to one! This guy I know from high school is getting married in Charleston, South Carolina this September and the wedding should be gorgeous. The thing is, I'm a little nervous because he's extremely conservative and went to the Citadel (military college). Everyone there will practically be dressed in "McCain in '08" gear and, as expected, lots of military people are attending. I have enough trouble getting along with civilian Republicans, but my exact polar opposite is the dreaded military Republican. I have no doubt I'll stick out like a sore thumb.

I'm still ridiculously excited. I hope it's really ostentatious. I also feel old. The couple registered at Crate & Barrel for gifts. My mom shops there. Ohhhh yuppies! If I married Justin, our registry would be at Toys "R" Us (for him), and I'd just request some cold hard cash. That and puppies.

This guy, Andrew, the -- oh my god we had AP English together-- groom, was actually hesitant to invite me because he knows how liberal I am and didn't want me to cause trouble at his wedding. I know I'm firey but come on, a wedding? It's not like I'm going to interrupt mid-ceremony and shout "No marriage until ALL can marry!" while holding a picture of two men french kissing. Although....

But seriously, Andrew is going to Iraq in a few months, and it makes me sad that he's going overseas and risking his life for (what I feel) is a pointless war, especially right after getting married. I respect him but I don't understand why he's choosing to do this. He enlisted AFTER the war had gone on for a bit and I honestly feel he has such a romantic notion of what war entails that he's certain nothing can happen to him. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way.

On a lighter note, is the above dress appropriate for a wedding? Does the zipper scream "liberal heathen baby-hating slut"? If so, it's perfect!

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NYING said...

I love the dress.. but you must, which I'm positive you do, have confidence wearing it... there will always be haters who just don't understand fashion... I think you can and will totally rock this dress!!