Monday, August 18, 2008

the death of mayle.

It was through reading Fashionista's nauseatingly incongruent attack on the knock off industry that I learned (Jane) Mayle will be closing her boutique and thus ending her line. It makes me sad because she's someone who makes beautiful pieces that always exude timelessness instead of trendiness.

Jane Mayle said, of the accelerating fashion calendar and her decision to close:

"The customer gets tired before the collections even hit stores . . . That mystery and remoteness and insouciance have disappeared from fashion in order to accelerate the product. I feel I have just become another cog in that machinery." (from fashionologie)

Sales were up but she was sick of the industry's insatiability. Which now leads me to believe that I am cursed. My favorite labels are the ones that fold. First Mooka Kinney, now Mayle. Blegh.


Chelsea said...

Oh so sad:(

Dennise said...

What?! I didn't know this. I'm with you, it seems everything I like disappears as well! :( Funny, I found out about Mooka Kinney from you as well.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooo =(

SOTTO said...

NOOOO!!!!! Mooka Kinney, Jovovich-Hawk, Mayle???

erica said...

not surprised about her comment about the delivery schedule, since i remember how her collection used to frequently run late.

i also found it interesting that they didn't want to renew their lease and 'reinvest in the neighborhood.' hmmm.

still, very sad news for all the mayle lovers out there. i am definitely in the mood to stock up while i still can.