Saturday, August 16, 2008

richie richie ya ya.

Is it just me, or does Nicole Richie look ah-mazing on the cover of Japanese fashion mag Gisele? I know she's divisive, but I always found her funny as hell on The Simple Life.

{via Picked Pics}


Brandi said...

Yep, she looks pretty darn good. I wonder how much retouching there is? I mean, I hate fooling myself into thinking her skin looks that flawless naturally...I love seeing those before/after shots of celebrities in ads without retouching done yet. Makes me feel much better!

Can you believe how different she looked on The Simple Life?

LaCouturier said...

she does look amazing!
lovely blog! would you like to exchange links? =)

allison said...

Brandi, oh I know! I hate that I endorse her being so skinny, but she really looks good. She's always been pretty, but she just seems so happy and self-assured now. And I've bought into the "thin is beautiful" ideal, I guess.

LaCouturier, sure! I'll add you to my blogroll.