Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bag lust.

As much as I love Chanel bags, they're both out of my price range and a little too ubiquitous for my taste. The 2.55 in itself is very classic and very pretty, but it's so well-known that it screams "status symbol" despite having a modest design. Don't even get me started on anything with those huge interlocking C's. Tsk tsk. I expect better from you, Chanel!

With that being said, does it make me a hypocrite to admit I am seriously coveting this vintage Chanel purse? It's just so lovely! It's one of those bags I'd probably wear every day for the rest of my life if I could. How do people afford multiple designer purses? How do people afford multiple designer ANYTHING?

(I know it's in such poor taste to ask and frankly none of our business, but aren't you dying to know how these young fashion bloggers afford all their stuff?)

{via Modern Guilt}


Dennise said...

Funny, I've always wondered the same thing, so young and wearing YSL or Chanel...I'm envious.

S said...

Thanks for linking me, that's really cool!
I found it at a thrift store...trust me I could NEVER afford a real Chanel brand new, I just got really, really, REALLY lucky this weekend :)

allison said...

YOU FOUND THAT AT A THRIFT STORE? Jesus. I wish thrift stores in VA/DC were that amazing!