Wednesday, August 13, 2008

o hai.

Hey y'all, Allison here. Sorry I haven't been blogging, but I'm a bit of a mess at the moment and besides, Brandi's been doing a great job in my place! Thank you, my lovely.

I just wanted to pop in with some random thoughts:

-How depressed are we about the John Edwards scandal? He was actually the one I was supporting in the early Democratic primaries (in a realistic sense. Kucinich will always be my ideal candidate, of course). The fact that Edwards's wife had (has) cancer while he potentially jeopardized any chance of a Democratic victory by running for president with such blood on his hands only scratches the surface of his douchebaggery.

-This is officially the worst year as far as celebrity mortality rates are concerned. First Heath Ledger, George Carlin and Tim Russert; now, not only Bernie Mac but Isaac Hayes as well? 2008 needs to end, quick. Thank god Morgan Freeman made it through his little scare or I'd give up all hope for decency in this world.

-I finally have a job interview, and it's one I'm super excited about, to boot! NARAL (the wonderful pro-choice organization founded in part by Betty Friedan herself) is looking for a communications intern. I'll let you all know how it goes!

-Project Runway has jumped the shark. With all the blatant NBC cross-promotion (designing an outfit for the Olympics -- broadcast on NBC, which owns Bravo! -- and THEN, in the very next episode, an outfit for Lipstick Jungle -- an NBC show! -- without some kind of non-corporate-related buffer in between?) Do you think Bravo is sabotaging the show on purpose so that nobody watches it when it's on Lifetime?

-I decided I love my super-slick leggings. I know they're overly trendy, but I wore them out this weekend and loved every second. See copious photographic evidence below (excuse the stupid peace sign. I was at a Japanese nerdfest and it was my attempt to make fun of asian stereotypes, but I just look like a Hannah Montana wannabe instead):



Brandi said...

Yay you're back! LOL...just in time...I am suddenly suffering from some mystery illness and just barely dragging myself around the house. I bet I ate some poisoned raw food...who knew eating lots of fruit could be so scary.

And your leggings look cute :)

Dennise said...

Yay! Allison! Brandi did a great job in your absence, good choice. Yeah, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Boo. Bernie Mac grew up not too far from where I grew up. Great pics of your leggings.