Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on what a horrible person Jill Stanek is.

From a comment on Pandagon,

"I hate Jill Stanek with the power of a thousand suns. I posted a comment about my own pregnancy crisis on a blog once- I was five months pregnant when we discovered that my son could not survive outside of the womb. He had no kidneys, underdeveloped lungs, a hole in his heart, fluid on his brain and half of his internal organs were outside of his body because his abdominal wall didn’t close properly. We were told that no matter what, we had a half hour with him tops. So we chose to induce labor when I was 27 weeks pregnant because I was such a mess, because carrying a fetus that was going to die was the single worst thing I’ve ever done. I was continually leaving work early because I would feel sick, I wasn’t eating, I was barely able to take care of myself and that translated to being barely able to take care of my 14 month old daughter. We induced labor and it was horrible, but I got to hold my son for a half hour before he passed away and then I got to start putting the pieces back together. I grieved, and I still grieve, but I was able to start the process of moving forward. 4 months later, I got pregnant again and delivered a happy, healthy baby boy about a year after my first son passed away. I shared this on a blog and fucking Jill Stanek took my comment and wrote a post about how I aborted my handicapped child and what a horrible person I was. Sigh. It was the worst time of my life, my husband and I chose the best possible option for us out of several shitty options (because lets face it, when your fetus is not able to live outside of you for more than 30 minutes, all of your options pretty much suck) and then moved on with our lives, while still grieving for the child we lost. Clearly we are evil, evil child murderers. It would’ve been so much better for him to spend another 3 months being beaten by my uterus due to my lack of amniotic fluid then to die peacefully in my arms. She makes me ill."


Dennise said...

Seriously, this Jill bitch makes me wanna vomit, I'm ashamed to know we live in the same state.

katie said...

people are so fucking hateful. and since she was an RN, I would think she understands the difficulty both physically and emotionally in carrying a child with trisomy 13. She obviously does not care about quality of life. I love how on her website she said that her hospital "shelved infants to die in the soiled utility closet", yeah i'm so sure that's what happened. GOD! people are un-fucking-believable.

oh and she has a terrible haircut. just thought i'd throw that out there.

excuse me while i ride my bike past the planned parenthood