Monday, August 18, 2008


Finally a celeb wedding I can get excited about. Portia and Ellen wed this past weekend and they were both dressed by Zac Posen. Portia's dress is FABULOUSSSSS. Sorry this has turned into a bit of a celeb blog (what with Nicole and now these two!). I'm still sick and I guess it's turning my mind into mush. Also, I get way more excited about gay weddings than straight weddings because you get the sense that people who have only recently gained the right to wed take it much more seriously than those who have had it for ages (look at Britney's 10 hour wedding and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? The sanctity of marriage, my ass).

Straight people LOVE Ellen, so if anyone can prove gay marriage works, it's her!

{via The Daily Mail}


allison said...

Just don't read the comments on that daily mail article or you'll want to rip your hair out. Although I do like this one:

"i like to watch Ellens Show...she is a sweet young women and since she has painted a wrong picture about a bit dissapointed..she needs help..and she needs a real men to take her to the Portia..pliz dont go after Ellens money..and pretend you love her.."

Dennise said...

Wow thanks for the warning about those deranged commenters...

you're right, they look divine and that dress is so becoming of her.

Feel better soon!