Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a legit reason to hate Forever 21.

I know my constant ragging on Fashionista is ruining my chances of ever working at Nylon (meh...I didn't really have a chance in the first place and they've gone downhill, anyway), but here's a REAL reason to hate Forever 21 (besides that unnecessary Bible reference at the bottom of their bags):

They are building on the former site of a community garden in Los Angeles with a 20-year history of importance to the local Latino population, despite lots of opposition from the public.

According to Jess H. of Feministe, it "turns out the former site of the South Central Farm - where low-income, indigenous/immigrant Latino farmers grew food in the midst of a toxic industrial area for 14 years before being evicted two summers ago in one of the saddest, most maddening examples of private business interests trumping community and environmental good that I’ve ever personally witnessed - is being developed as a Forever 21 warehouse."

A warehouse? Seriously?

And according to the LA Times, "[Mayor] Villaraigosa, who championed the farm's preservation two years ago, is staying out of the latest fight.

"He has received nearly $1.3 million in contributions and commitments from Forever 21 and its executives over the past two years for initiatives ranging from tree plantings to his own reelection campaign."

I guess I'm not surprised. Of all the corrupt cities, LA is one of the worst. Read more here.

(By the way, isn't it funny that though it's been in the news for at least a week, Fashionista has made no mention of this story, despite its potential usefulness to their mission to degrade Forever 21 shoppers? Why no mention? Because they don't care about poor people! I keed. ...Sort of.)

{via Feministe, image via the LA Times}

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Dennise said...

That is maddening and tragic. Good thing I don't like their cheap ass clothing that fall apart when you sneeze or else I'd be marching my ass over there to return everything!