Saturday, October 4, 2008

when she talked about the fall i thought she talked about the season, i never understood at all.

I know that, as humans, we are wont to over-consume, myself included. But I still feel a nagging sensation that I am unprepared for the impending chill of fall and winter. I also know I can easily scrounge together enough clothes to cover my hide through these next long months, but that doesn't keep me from lusting after what would be most ideal. What's on your fall wish list? Here's mine.

1. a new coat/jacket

I always have this problem. At five feet tall, I'm quite short, but I love the drama of long coats. So I buy one that's decent, at an okay price, assuming that I'll tailor it to fit me. But then I find that acting on my practical impulse has led to disinterest, as I now deem the coat too boring and unworthy of additional cost. I instead buy some jackets that again, fit okay, but leave me wanting. So I continue to search, year after year, for the perfect coat or jacket to appease me. I'd love a perfectly-fitting leather moto jacket. Or how about a lovely cloak? I'd buy this one if it wasn't $900. Ahem.

2. the perfect black boots

A few years ago, I lusted after pixie boots. They looked so Scandinavian and classic, buttery soft, with black jeans neatly tucked in. This was when they were still scarce on ebay. Now, they're everywhere, mislabeled "pirate" and coupled with the terms "indie" and "boho". I bought a few pairs of flat boots that I was more than happy with at the time, but trying them on now, I feel like they should be coupled with a pair of waterproof overalls used to withstand moose blood. Palin probably owns the same pair. Ick. I think I'd like heels on mine now to avoid any unnecessary associations.

3. a new scarf, a new bag.

Suggestions welcome.


KATLIN said...

I kinda envy that you get to buy stuff like this. But not so much when I think about the money you have to spend for a new fall wardrobe. :) And that puppy was Shih Tzu and Chihuahua. She's is such an awesome dog! She hardly barks and has the coolest scruffy hair!

clarafier said...

i just bought a scarf like that and it was one of those surprise great purchases. i got it on a whim but wear it ALL the fucking's light enough to not be hot, but snuggly enough to be an ever present security blanket.

John said...

oh, jens.