Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love superfluous shit. I guess most people call these "accessories". What I'm talking about is completely non-functional adornment that goes beyond just rings and baubles. Huge headbands and feather fascinators, scarves-with-tanktops at the height of summer, sparkly brooches and general drapery. I think this trait is supposed to be a bad thing, because the best summary-in-a-person I can think of is King Xerxes from 300 (which, if you haven't seen, don't BOTHER). Here's what he looked like:

Ugh, how on-trend is his chain body harness?! This guy, too.

Anyway, thank god for KapowWow. I own one of their collars and when I first got it in the mail, my thoughts were, "What is this supposed to DO?" That question is irrelevant. The answer, if you must know, is, "look pretty". Actually, I think this is the same response John McCain gave when Sarah Palin "jokingly" asked what her duties would entail as VP.

Enough with the talking, look at all their function-free collars!:

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KATLIN said...

Oh my god these are amazing!!!