Wednesday, October 22, 2008

big girl fashion, part two.

Remember when I said I was kind of scared to start my professional wardrobe? Well, I don't know if I voiced that, but I was petrified. A few years ago, the thought of ever donning a suit made me nauseous. I just didn't want to look BORING! I also didn't want to "sell out" to "the man". But since finding out that you can be both professional AND stylish? Um, I'm kind of obsessed.

For example, for the past few days I've been wearing some combination of white silk blouse + black skirt + black tights. See photographic evidence, above.

When shopping for business attire, I think the goal is to look like a French girl on The Sartorialist rather than frumpy, conservative or old. Any combination of black and white with a splash of color (to keep it from looking waitressy or costumey) is a safe bet. For example, this outfit from Anthropologie is perfect:

Also, the outfit on the left in this picture, also from Anthropologie, is very stylish-French-girl. The one on the right, however, is borderline frump.

Finally, avoid THIS look at all costs. A POCKET SQUARE for a graphic designer?! Joe,

THIS is more like it:

Hopefully this illustrated guide to professional fashion has helped some of you with similar fears of looking like a "Designing Women" reject. Trust me, I feel you.

(Maybe this is pompous of me to say, but I feel like, if I lost 30 pounds to become truly skeletor, made up a bunch of zany catchphrases and wore oodles of fur, I could BE Rachel Zoe. Is that blasphemous?)


Anonymous said...

where's the cute shirt in the first picture from?

allison said...

I got it at the Cusp at Tyson's, but the designer is Ali Ro. And hey, thanks for thinking it's cute!