Sunday, October 26, 2008


OH NO SHE DID NOT. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is so annoyingly stupid. I love that in the first twenty seconds, she brings up Equal Pay for Equal Work -- which McCain voted against.

And the best part, if you can bear it, is when Elisabeth says, in reference to the $150,000 Sarah Palin wardrobe fiasco, that "All the media wants to talk about is her clothing! It's sexist! Women should be judged by their actions, not their OUTFITS!" and then five seconds later, admits, "But Sarah Palin SURE knows how to dress!"

Pot? Kettle. Vomit.


Lauren said...

How about the abortion comment?! UGH. P.S. I really enjoy your mix of fashion and politics on this blog :)

clarafier said...

i saw palin on the news this morning saying that she's wearing HER clothes again. from her favorite consignment shop in alaska.

honestly. every time she opens her mouth i can hear rachel maddow saying "she's lying to you. enthusiastically and repeatedly."

Dennise said...

This bitch is crazy.

allison said...

Lauren, thanks!

Clara, GAGBARFVOMIT. But Rachel Maddow is so awesome. I saw her on Leno and she said that even though Pat Buchanan has some truly "toxic" beliefs (her words, putting it FAR too nicely), she loves debating with him and genuinely likes him. She has more patience/tolerance than I can ever imagine.

Dennise - Elisabeth or Palin? I say both!