Thursday, October 9, 2008

the diving bell and the butterfly.

While watching the very odd trailer for this movie (which I highly recommend, but not unless you have time to sob for hours afterward), I had a thought. It's been stewing in me for days, but I finally pinpointed it: I don't feel like myself right now. I know that sounds silly, hard to explain, and wholly trite, but it's true. I guess it's because I'm trying out a new medication, but the normal thought processes I've grown accustomed to, both good and bad, have been absent. I used to think a lot about movies and music and history and culture and all that, but lately that kind of romanticized escapism I once engaged in hasn't even crossed my mind. For that matter, I haven't been motivated to engage in any kind of escapism really, except election drama, but that's not very escapist, is it? The cruelty of world affairs offers little solace to my sorry conscience.

{picture from I don't know where.}

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Brandi said...

I switched BC pills from Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo to Yaz yesterday night and I'm feeling a little weird and floppity...I keep reading scary things about Yaz, but it's supposed to be good for skin and all kinds of stuff...