Wednesday, October 8, 2008

totes crushing.

Omguh, I have such a crush on the ladypants behind White Lightning. I'm too lazy to even look up her name but she's basically the coolest fashion blogger ever, the kind who isn't anorexic-skinny but still absolutely gorgeous and willing to take fashion risks and has those perfect ringlet curls every girl with straight hair wants and tries to get but goes to a shitty salon and winds up with a jheri curl instead. Um. But my FAVORITE part is that she's totally nailed that jokey-totes-omgz-dare-i-say-FOLKSY vernacular that I adore and try to affect, and she manages to do it without coming across as an actual airhead.

Her behbehz. I want to haff them.

Anyway, she just posted this list of things to do in your twenties cause the girl is almost THIRTY! For the record, she denies speaking ENTIRELY from experience.

1. backpack across europe / cross country, be filthy, find foreign boyfriend, hate america
2. a busted piercing
3. tattooo (possibly regrettable)
4. statement haircut / dramatic makeover. which later will make you die laughing and think OMG WTF WAS WRONG WITH ME AND WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS SAY ANYTHING?!
5. stand up to your boss in some dramatic ugly betty-esque fashion about something probz really minor.
6. some sort of lesbian situation
7. dirty makeout with a boy in band. he will probs have a girlfriend (they usually have a girlfriend).
8. make out etcetera with high school crush or old friend. this usually happens over thanksgiving or christmas breaks when everyone is drunk and at the one bar in town.
9. epic friend breakup/fight. it will seem LC/Heidi devastating at the time, later you will roll your eyes.
10. wake up still drunk from the night before
11. go vegetarian. or if you are more extreme / at art school, vegan.
12. threeways
13. regrettable one night stands that will make you cringe but at least crack up later.
14. ex-boys who you only remember by their nickname that you and your friends call them (e.g. the riddler, babyshambles, the joey, the FB, the mtv VJ, jelly donut, the screamer)
15. move back home temporarily after breakup/job issues. it sucks slash can be awesome cuz food and laundry are free.
16. lose your underwear on ludlow street. or any street, really.
17. embarrassing injuries from being wasted and/or from sexual escapades (perpetual skinned knees, black eyes, harry potter-esque forehead scars..etc)
18. spend questionable time in the basement of LIT
19. have roommates who drink so much it makes it impossible for you to get ready for work in the AM because they are passed out naked on the toilet.

{via White Lightning}

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