Saturday, October 4, 2008

cold-hearted legs.

How on earth do stylish girls stay warm during the fall and winter months? Before I got into my current "avoid-jeans-most-days" mentality, I wore 'em* like it was my job. On colder days, I even wore thick tights -- sometimes even LEGGINGS -- underneath, tough as they might have been to stuff into skinny jeans.

Do all the fashionistas live in LA? Should I resort to layering leggings upon leggings? Suck it up and wear jeans? Freeze to death? It doesn't help that once the temperature dips below 70, my teeth start to chatter, nor does the fact that I barely touch alcohol aid my plight.

(Note my folksy vernacular. GROUNDBREAKING, I tell you!)

{image via Oh Elle}

1 comment:

Dennise said...

I was under the impression that folksy vernacular included calling middle class America, Joe six pack. :)