Tuesday, October 14, 2008

big girl fashion.

So, I don't have a job as-of-yet, but when I do, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the ultimate frivolous question: what on earth will I wear? I wear skirts and heels on a daily basis, but I don't think my miniskirt-tshirt-bootie uniform would jive in even the most laidback of offices.

I can't afford to buy much, so I'm going for quality over quantity. Here's what I'm thinking:


laura said...

I would be cautious about the sleeveless unless you buy a lot of jackets or sweaters...

Maybe it's just where I'm at.. but my office is usually super cold..


allison said...

LAURA. You're so right. I think I gravitate towards warm weather tops because long-sleeves enhance my broad shoulders and make me feel mannish. I like to layer with sweaters and jackets instead. I must go sweater shopping ASAP!