Wednesday, October 22, 2008

decision 08.

No, not the presidential election, MY HAIR. So, hey, I got my hair cut. See below (I also forgot how to operate a camera, apparently).

Now, the question. I've been itching to put some color in it, and I want it to be kind of "edgy", which is exactly the phrase an uncool middle-aged woman would use in a lame attempt to be hip (Wendy Pepper comes to mind). I'm thinking about darkening it a touch and putting in a panel of bleach blonde underneath on one side so it peeks out just so. Unfortunately, I googled and googled the appropriate terms (hair paneling, hair shading, fashion color), to no avail. In FACT, the only way to find pictures of said hair color is to google "scene hair" or "emo hair color", which leads me to wonder: is this too juvenile? Am I going to look back one day and mark it in my "bad idea" book, along with getting a perm and my eyebrow pierced? Your thoughts?

Here's what I had in mind, minus the sad eyes and super-razor-rawk haircut:

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