Wednesday, October 22, 2008

aw, thanks guys!

Thanks for those who commented and asserted that no, my blog is just having a lull. Or it's in a rut. know, something else. I will go forward!

Meanwhile, it's getting awfully cold in Virginia. I must have especially vulnerable ears, because I realized that's the part of fall/winter I hate most: my ears get so cold that they sting and then I become miserable and generally unlikeable.

How do you stylishly keep your ears warm? Sorry Mom, these make me feel like a Costco dad:


laura said...

Ugh. If you find something better let me know asap because I'm absolutely asking for Costco-Ears for my birthday otherwise...

I know they look stupid but JESUSGOD they work!! Elizabeth and Buff mocked me last winter, but I was addicted to those stupid ear muffs for my walk home.. And now I walk even further so I neeeeed something!

Luckily Barkley ate the old pair (the stupid fuck. can I say fuck here?) so I have an opportunity to replace with something cuter...

I hope someone somewhere offers a suggestion!!


allison said...

I KNOW. They are so fug, but they work. I might just wear them under my hair and use tons of hairspay to hide them.

And you can say whatever-the-fuck you want! Cunt piss shit!