Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This is the second What the Fuck? of the week, but I just had to say something. Apparently Dumber (of Dumb & Dumber, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd of the View) thinks that being a mother of five qualifies you to be vice president (or president, if McCain croaks).

I have the utmost respect for all mothers, especially a mother of FIVE. I can barely stand to babysit my adorable five-year-old sister for more than a few hours without wanting to scream. But how does raising a child have anything to do with running a country?

And it's only because Palin's a woman that people are bringing up her personal life as evidence of her competence. Would we ever look at a male politician raising several kids and conclude he was therefore prepared for a certain office? Fuck no! This is the most spurious logic I've ever heard.

I have to keep reminding myself that this sentiment is coming from a woman who doesn't know if the earth is flat. Who won't let her boys play with dolls. Who thinks that the earth didn't exist before Christianity (Um...Sherri...if we're speaking theologically, what about the Old Testament? What about the period before Mary was pregnant with Jesus?!). A month ago she was ready to support Obama and now she's all up Palin's ass. I HATE Sherri Shepherd.

See the clip here.

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clarafier said...

i love their logic that we should stay out of her personal life, even though it's what qualifies her for office.

and wasn't palin the one to push her kids into the spotlight to begin with? telling the entire world where/when her son was deployed to? jesus.