Friday, September 5, 2008

For Clara.

The Many Faces of Ada






clarafier said...

UGH i love it. she's like old deuteronomy!!!!! is she a maine coon cat?

ps. how angry are you that the gop is trying to use barracuda as palin's theme song. BARRACUDA?!that's my drinking song! ugh. i wish they'd just get over it and use "papa don't preach"! that is far more fitting for the evil democrats trying to promote baby killing.

allison said...

Yes, she is a Maine Coon! I'm actually scared of her. One time I was just sitting on Justin's couch and she ran up to me and tried to bite my face off.

WHAT THE FUCK? I've been catching up on politics for days so I'm out of the loop. That is ridiculous. Thank god Heart doesn't approve!