Friday, September 5, 2008

reunited and it feels so gooood!

I was honored to be personally e-mailed by Alison Lewis, one half of my favorite ex-label, Mooka Kinney, with the announcement of her new line, Lewis.

From the press release, "This time around, she lends a more dapper twist to the vintage charm that became her signature aesthetic. 'I really wanted to pay tribute to this idea of a romantic wardrobe that isn't defined by what is in fashion, but by flattering silhouettes that women can keep in their closets for years to come,' says Lewis. 'I am still very inspired by vintage clothing but I wanted to expand my designs by adding a modern touch to the new line and using elegant fabrics, such as washed and patterned silks.'"

That quote pretty much explains my sartorial aspirations. You know, "timeless yet modern" probably explains most DESIGNERS' sartorial aspirations. But the thing is, Lewis actually delivers. Her high-waisted shorts and darling blouses have classic shapes but interesting, fresh patterns. Everything I've seen so far is adorable and makes me feel just as giddy as I did with Mooka Kinney.

Lewis's first collection debuts in Spring 09. I'm counting down now.


Dennise said...

Simply gorgeous. I can't wait. Maybe Frances May will carry the line. Hey, did you ever go to that store while you were in Portland?

allison said...

No, I didn't, and I don't know why! I saw the storefront and thought it looked charming. I only went to Seaplane, The English Dept., Odessa and some other randoms on NW 23rd Street.