Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, I know Kenley is the girl everyone loves to hate on this oh-so-disappointing season of Project Runway, and I admit she's annoying, but the girl has got talent. Even if she IS a one-trick pony, at least it's a good trick, right?

More importantly, the more I watch her, the more I want to wear feather fascinators on a daily basis. I already own a bunch of darling headbands (more on those later) and some feather headbands, but I've been too chicken to wear them out.

Right now I'm looking on etsy for good ones (I specifically want one like the middle picture), but there's a lot of fug to wade through. I got so desperate, I found Kenley's personal website and e-mailed her asking where she gets hers. Hopefully she doesn't find this blog and blacklist me forever. Sorry, girl, but you dug your own grave! She is the spitting image of an ex-friend of mine who finds her own brattiness charming.

Anyway, here are the ones I like best:

sweetsnlo (both)



{picture credit}


Abby said...

I bought a fascinator off of etsy about six months ago. I adore it, but don't wear it as often as I should.

I'd love to see photos of your headbands - I've been drooling over their website for weeks now!

nv said...

I love feathers! I bought some and was too scared to wear them out until a few days ago. EVERYONE at school told me I had a feather in my hair. It was a bit annoying at first but I just learned to ignore the annoying comments