Thursday, September 4, 2008

dust to dust.

Have you ever had one of those moments when your real, tangible life suddenly intersects with your "online life"? It's the most surreal, jarring thing you can imagine. I think my biggest instance of this was running into the owner of Sotto Boutique in Portland. It was almost like..."How do you know what I do on my computer?!" as if we're all just interacting with robots, not people, over the internets who just so happen to sell us goods and talk with us about fashion or politics (Is that just me? Okay.). Just as we once divided work from home and that division fades with telecommuting, we now divide Online from our so-called "Real Life".

A second instance of this happened when I visited the Portland boutique Seaplane. They have lots of pretty clothes from local designers, but it shocked me when I stumbled upon clandestine label Dust in their store. I had only seen a flickr pool of Dust pieces and had no idea who was behind the label or where it was located.

I was pretty intent on buying one of the pieces based on coincidence alone, so I got this sweater. I like it, but I expect plenty of jokes about my cats having ripped it to shreds.


SOTTO said...

I was waiting for the light to turn so I could cross the street, and there you were. Yes, that was SO surreal to cross paths with you. literally.

KATLIN said...

I guess that is weird thing to come across someone you kinda know, but not really because you've never actually seen or talked to them face to face. I think my blog shows one side of what I'm like, but there's so much other parts that I don't show... and sometimes I can be quite shy in person, though that might not come off in my blog since I'm writing to the "virtual" world..