Friday, September 5, 2008

conservative criteria.

This is what Republicans think of women:

You must be pretty, but not showy or god forbid "slutty" about it. You must be a mother, doting on a pod of children. You must pay lip service to feminism, while working to undermine every gain women have made. You must not be "strident" but rather "fiesty". You must constantly mention your children, your motherhood, babies and kids. You must be defended against even the mildest criticism by sexists claiming that you are the victim of sexism. You must have gotten into politics "for the children". You must prove you can run with the boys by killing things and posing with carcasses. You must smile all the time. You must be religious, deeply and devoutly so. You do not need to be educated or well-informed. You don't need to have experience or well-thought out opinions. You don't need to be able to articulate yourself with "clouds of rhetoric". You should speak simply, humbly because you are lucky to be here...girl.

-a comment from Jezebel

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