Sunday, September 7, 2008

ummmmmm (part two)

So I guess the thing to do these days in the fashion world is to have "presentations" rather than runway shows. We saw this with Lorick and now Geren Ford. I think sometimes it works (like with Lorick), but I'm generally not a fan. The Lorick one was cute and charming because the setting fit perfectly with the clothes, but most of the presentations I've seen have the models are just standing on boxes. There's no movement, the clothes are hard to photograph, and it just seems so stiff and uncomfortable. Do they stare into space? Can you make eye contact? Is there music? Blegh.

Geren Ford - mostly a disaster, terrible styling, but I feel like these two dresses would be cute without all the unnecessary accessories

Here's an example of a TERRIBLE Geren Ford look. That hair looks like a "before" in a commercial for John Frieda frizz-ease:

Yigal Azrouel


Rock & Republic


Nuj Novakhett - front middle two

More to come as the week progresses. Obvi.

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